The Southwest Memphis Growth and Opportunities Project Comes to Coro Lake!

Please click the links below to view the three alternate options for the GO Project.

Alternate 1

Connect Paul R. Lowry Rd. to Shelby Drive with
improvements ending at Weaver

Alternate 2

Connect Paul R. Lowry Rd. to U.S. 61 (Third St.)
through a new road South of Robco Lake

Alternate 3

Do Nothing


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Frequently Asked Questions

I see field technicians in my yard. What are they doing?

Over the next few months, field technicians will be in the Southwest Memphis area of Shelby Drive taking measurements and pulling ground samples for various environmental and roadway studies. These surveys may involve digging on or around your property. The studies will help the City of Memphis determine the feasibility of roadway developments in the area.

Will field technicians damage my property?

Property damage is unexpected during the roadway and environmental studies. Field technicians will take great care to avoid damage to your property. For example, soil or sod would be used to fill any holes made.

What if I don’t want the field technicians on my property? What can I do?

This is a federally funded project meant to improve the Southwest Memphis area. The surveys are allowed by law, but homeowners should expect field technicians to use great care when on or around their property.

How long will the field technicians be in our area?

The surveys will take place over two years. They will not be active daily and will spread across the developed and undeveloped areas in and around Coro and Robco Lakes and Shelby Drive at various intervals.

What are the field technicians trying to determine?

The field technicians will help determine the feasibility of roadway and neighborhood enhancements in Southwest Memphis. They are researching three potential options.

  1. Connect Paul R. Lowry Rd. to Shelby Drive with improvements ending at Weaver. Improvements would include neighborhood enhancements such as sidewalks, decreased blight, and increased lighting.
  2. Connect Paul R. Lowry Rd. to U.S. 61 (Third St.) through a new road South of Robco Lake, including neighborhood enhancements.
  3. Do nothing.

Will I have a voice in whether they move forward with these potential projects?

Yes. The project will be studied and reviewed by experts and discussed with residents. The engagement of residents will happen through surveys, community meetings, hearings, and more. Further, residents can remain updated on the project progress at

Who would make the final decision on which alternate would be selected?

The decision would be based on the following criteria not necessarily listed in order or priority:

The design team will consider all the information obtained from environmental studies (including air and noise quality studies), costs, potential economic benefits for the community, public meetings, and community involvement to recommend the best and most effective alternate.  It would then be submitted to the Mayor for approval.  If approved it would be submitted to TDOT/State for concurrence.

Will I lose all or part of my property if construction happens?

It’s too early to tell if any properties will be directly affected if a construction project is approved. Also, it would take at least a decade before construction begins.

Project Timeline

Thursday, January 19th, 2023

Advisory Meeting
Pics | Notes

Tuesday, November 1st, 2022

Community Meeting
Pics | Notes

Thursday, October 27th, 2022

Advisory Meeting

Thursday, August 25th, 2022

Advisory Meeting

Thursday, March 24th, 2022

Community Meeting
Pics | Notes | PPT

Thursday, February 24th, 2022

Advisory Meeting

Preliminary Project Schedule

  • NEPA Phase – 3.5 year duration
  • Design Phase – 2.5 year duration
  • ROW Phase – 3 year duration
  • Construction Begins in year 10

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